When it comes to outdoor living in your backyard you have to consider some practical aspects that will make your exterior wood project even more reliable and durable. Here we have are some useful tips that chalet-jardin team want to share with you when considering building a solid wood storage shed in your garden.



Solid wood

The first category of “wood shed” refers to solid wood sheds, also call “real wood shed” or “lumber shed”. Solid wood sheds are entirely made of lumber. They are built in different lumber species, mostly cedar, spruce and pine. Solid wood sheds are made with two different construction systems, panel systems and logs systems.  Solid wood panel sheds are built with lumber siding panels fixed on wood frame components, usually a 2' x 4' or a 2' x 6' structure. Solid wood log sheds are built with lumber logs or lumber boards that interlock into each other to build a robust structure overall. Chalet-jardin sheds are solid wood log shed using lumber boards.


The second category, commonly name “wood shed” refers to a wood-based shed made with OSB or plywood. The wood-based shed walls and roof are made whether of “Oriented Strand Board” or of plywood, and are fixed on wood frame components, usually 2' x 4' or 2' x 6'. OSB is an engineered wood-based panel consisting of strands of wood which are bonded together with a synthetic resin. Plywood is an engineered wood-based panel consisting of tin sheet of wood veneer glue together. A wood-based shed will generally be cover with a vinyl siding or a paint wood-based siding.

solid wood sheds



Needs for space

Fist at all you should make a list of what you like to store in your shed (tools, patio furniture, bicycle, golf equipment, lawn mower, snow blower, tires, BBQ, swimming pool equipment,  children toys …). Then measure the dimensions of the space required for them and add a few feet to accommodate your future needs. For maximizing your storage space you will be able to fix anything and anywhere directly on the walls of your chalet-jardin shed with a simple nail. You will be very limited to adjust something on the walls of compressed wood shed, a vinyl shed or a metal shed.







organisation needs for space

Position your shed

Regarding to what you want to store in your shed and the space available in your garden you have to define in which area of your garden you will install your shed. Then choose it orientation, natural light and access will have a major impact on the position of your shed. Use a measure tape and draw the line on the ground to provide you with a realistic view of the implantation of your future garden shed.

Prepare the site

A shed need to be installed on a stable, level and well drain surface. Check if the area where you want to build your shed is draining quickly. Before doing any construction work, check with your local building authorities to find out if a permit is needed in your zoning area. If draining is not proper you will have to dig the area and install a perforated drain pipe to correct this situation. With proper draining you can start building the platform base for your shed.

implantation of shed



Build a foundation

The platform base or foundation is essential to keep your storage shed stable, level, drain and to ensure the safety of your building. There are four major types of foundation for garden shed: pillar support sunk into the ground, compressed gravel, concrete patio stone and concrete slab. Consider the soil on which you are building. The first two type of foundation will required to build a floor for your shed. A compress gravel and a concrete patio stone foundation may rise slightly during the winter and drop slightly during the summer. A concrete slab is more work to build but it will remind perfectly stable and it is maintenance free.

By following these three steps you can build a foundation for your shed. First, excavate a square area to the deep of approximately 8 inches and at a size larger than your shed. Second, level and compress the surface using sand or gravel to provide a firm base. The third step will depend on the type of foundation you have chosen. As third step for a compressed gravel foundation, keep filling the area with compress gravel up to the ground surface. As third step for a concrete patio stone foundation, lay down your patio stone on an over raised bed of compress gravel to obtain an overall finish at ground level. As third step for a concrete slab, mixt your own concrete slab or have it delivered to your site, pour it on this base up to the ground level, and make sure that it is level and at least 5 inches thickness. Finally let the foundation dry at least 48 hours and then install your shed on it. Notice than measures are minimum required, a sandy or a clay soil have to be increased at least at 12 inches deep bed and 8 inches concrete slab thickness.




build a concrete foundation
build a shed floor

Build a floor

Build a square frame at the overall dimension of your shed. Set the frame on the foundation and adjust it to make it square and level. Every 15 inches insert 2x6 boards inside the frame and fix it with a hanger. Then lay down exterior grade plywood panels and nail them every 5 inches. To avoid moisture and decay overtime make sure that soil and grass will not enter in contact with the wood. If you have chosen a concrete patio stone or a concrete slab foundation a floor is not required for your shed.



Preservative for wood

At the beginning it is essential to apply a wood preservative on each side of your shed. The wood preservative treatment provides a root and fungi protection for your wooden shed.





stain for wood sheds
paint wood shed

Stain for exterior wood

Wood is a natural living material, it needs breathe to live. A stain will penetrate inside the cells of the wood to protect it at the core while allowing it to breathe. Choose an exterior wood stain that is water-repellent. Stains range from transparent to opaque. The less transparent the stain is the most long lasting and UV protection you will have. Usually a translucent stain is not recommended when a shed is highly exposed to the sun, preferred a semi-transparent stain. Chalet-Jardin wood is ready to be stain; you do not need to apply a wood cleaner. When applying stain or any other finish always follow the recommendations of it manufacturer. A stain will preserve the natural look of wood and allow easy maintenance.

Paint for exterior wood

Paint is a film-former protection that will cover the wood for a long lasting protection with a full color finish. Chalet-Jardin wood is ready to be paint; you do not need to apply a wood cleaner. Choose an exterior wood paint with water-repellent. When applying paint or any other finish always follow the recommendations of it manufacturer.